Team Vortex

Caltex and star driver Craig Lowndes wanted to give their dedicated fans a personalised piece of content. We created a signature photo that was signed with each fans name and a digital version that animated the signature process.

Team Vortex
Team Vortex
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The Brief

Catering to Lowndes legion of fans, Caltex wanted to replicate the signed photo experience so that everyone could have a personalised photo from Craig.

The Solution

Keeping to a race theme we replicated the podium and championship trophy scene for fans to capture their photo. Our Snaps Roaming photographer ensured that all fans big and small were perfectly framed for the photo while leaving space for the signature. After supplying their name a signed photo was instantly printed for the fan and a digital copy sent via text to them. To further delight the fans we animated the entire signature process was animated for enhanced realism when opening the digital copy.

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