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We provide maximum social amplification and guest entertainment for your event with our tailored solutions. What ever your vision, goals and expectations, our Tag Snaps systems will inspire your guests to interact with your brand, generate original content and extend your social reach. All of this while having a fantastic time!

Get in touch with us during...

Planning ...
Our favourite time to get involved. Speak with us early to fully integrate our technologies into your experience to maximise engagement with your guests and access the latest technologies. By deep integrating with Tag Snaps with your activation you can smooth your guest experience in areas such as registration, photo delivery and post event promotion.
Execution ...
Are you looking for a ........ Our team is ready to make it happen. Drawing on our depth of experience we can enthrall your guests with our latest systems from hashtag printing, photobooths or greenscreen across Australia.
Delivery ...
Do you already have a concept, team and activation ready to go and just need the tools to capture the moment. Our dry hire options allow you to access the latest Tag Snaps technology and deploy it with your existing onsite team.

What We Provide

The Set Up
We deliver all of your equipment on-­‐site, set it up so it’s ready to go and deal with any logistical dramas if they happen to arise (although thankfully that’s rare!)
All our solutions are tailored to you and your event, and our equipment and prints can be branded to showcase your brand’s unique personality.
The Team
Let us help you bring your event to life. Whether you need one or ten of our staff onsite, we guarantee to get your guests involved, reinforce your event messages, and make sure everyone is having a great time!
When it comes to experiential marketing campaigns, we provide solutions that will seamlessly integrate your brand with memorable, shareable content from your attendees.
Every step of the way we provide expert guidance and support to make your event a buzz-­‐creating success. Our events team and roaming photographers support and engage with your attendees to inspire the maximum number of snaps and shares.
We measure all aspects of your event’s performance and post-­‐event we’ll provide you with a detailed analytics report to measure its success and identify valuable new opportunities.
Numbers matter, so we deliver! In 2019, our events created millions of hashtags, engaged tens of millions of people, and generated billions of impressions across social media channels.

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