Caltex Socceroos

As the Socceroos looked to take on Brazil in Melbourne, we created an interactive Facebook Messenger Bot to reward football fans for their in-store purchases with tickets to the game.

Caltex Socceroos
Caltex Socceroos
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The Problem

Provide a way for Caltex customers in Melbourne to participate in a shop to win promotion.

The Solution

We programmed a custom Facebook Messenger Bot to collect and reward Caltex customers over the course of a month long promotion. Using a natural language interface customers were asked to upload a copy of their receipt via the bot and guided through the entrance process. Automated OCR on each receipt filtered out fradulent or non valid transactions. By using the Bot Caltex was able to deliver the promotion rapidly to a wide range to sites while the Facebook Messenger removed the need for onsite support. Collected data from the promotion was able to indicate the most effective promotion locations and the success in generating repeat purchases.

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