QBE Sydney Swans Fabric of the Swans

We created a giant photo wall mosaic with all of the Swans supporters, which over the course of the season formed a hero image of the Sydney Swans.

QBE Sydney Swans Fabric of the Swans
QBE Sydney Swans Fabric of the Swans
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The Brief

Going to see the QBE Swans is a great day out for the whole family, the pre-game entertainment outside the stadium has become a huge part of the experience. It's the fans support that make all of this possible. QBE wanted a way for all those attending to be a part of the community and show their support for the team.


Working with Octagon to highlight QBE's guernsey sponsorship of the Sydney Swans, fans had their guernseys treated with a special reflective spray before entering a custom prepared booth. Fans then received a printed photo along with a mosaic photo tile. Over the course of the season a giant image of the Swans' team was built with each fan a part of the image.

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